MS Flat

With our decades of experience, we are engaged in offering our clients a wide range of MS Flats. MS Flats are generally used in industrial gratings, various fabrication works, chemical industry & domestically, it is used in grills outside window. Representation of M.S. Flats is done by the Width (W) & the Thickness (T) of the Flat.] Some of the key features of the product include corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, long life, high functionality and resistance to chemicals. Apart from the specific sizes, we also make customized sizes on the basis of orders.


Size (mm)LengthWeight(In Kg)
40x518'8.3 - 9.0
40x618'10.0 - 10.8
50x518'10.4 - 11.3
40x1018'14.4 - 15.0
50x1018'18.5 - 19.0
50x1116'19.7 - 20.2
41x716'10.6 - 11.5
51x716'13.2 - 14.3
33x715'8.0 - 8.4
26x715'6.3 - 6.8
32x1018'13.3 - 14.4
25x1018'10.4 - 11.3

We also do customization.

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