Bhuwalka Premier Steel TMT Bars


BHUWALKA PREMIER STEEL TMT BARS has been one of the most trusted TMT Bars for Karnataka’s biggest real estate Developers, who have used them for land mark projects like Prestige UB City, The Leela Palace, The Brigade World Trade Centre, Mantri Mall, Forum Mall and RMZ Tower to name a few.

Bhuwalka RT STEEL TMT Bars


BHUWALKA RT STEEL TMT BARS have been launched for the retail consumer market to make these reliable TMT bars which were available only to the reputed developers, available to homeowners and independent contractors for building their dream homes.
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These TMT Bars are manufactured using the latest Thermex Technology. Thermex technology revolves around a precise, state-of-the-art Thermo-Mechanical-Treatment (TMT) developed and patented by Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engg. (HSE) Gmbh, Germany.

Thermex is the only rapid water quenching process that guarantees consistent properties over the entire bar length. The Thermex cooling technology involves subjecting the bar to a sophisticated hi-tech cooling process after rolling. This treatment converts the bar surface to a hardened structure. The subsequent phase involves cooling at ambient temperatures to allow the hot core to temper the surface through thermal exchange. This results in a unique structure of tempered martensite in the peripheral zone and a fine grain ferrite-pearlite at the central zone.


The rolling mills are high speed with a slit rolling facility and built in environmental friendly reheating furnaces with total automation to produce high quality TMT bars.

The roll turning facility is equipped with CNC machines for roll turning and groove cutting for perfect groove geometry.

We have unmatched infrastructure for testing raw materials and finished materials with sophisticated spectrometer and latest computer aided UTM for all qualities, sections and sizes of steel.

  • High ductility and malleability with good elongation ensures that the concrete structures are firm and sound.
  • Excellent deformation patterns, i.e. specially designed effective ribs and lugs; develop an excellent bond between concrete and steel, ensuring greater stability of the structure.
  • Low carbon content helps weld without reduction in strength of rods during construction.
  • Superior strength from correct billet selection and Process Controls ensure better construction while possessing features like earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance and high thermal resistance.
  • Superior bending, re-bending and reverse bending properties ensures that the TMT bars are easier to work with, without any compromise on the quality and strength.
  • Bars can also be butt-welded or lap-welded and have high fatigue resistance.

Steel-TMT Bars (order units – piece/bundle/tonne)

Sl No.Size (mm)No of Rods in a bundleNo of Rods per MTLength per rod(metres)
Nominal Weight (kg/m)Range of weight for batch as per IS 1786:2008Nominal Weight per 12M rod
Range of weight per 12M rod as per IS 1786:2008Nominal Weight per BundleRange of weight per Bundle as per IS 1786:2008
1810211120.3950.367 - 0.4234.744.408 - 5.07247.444.082 - 50.718
2107135120.6170.574 - 0.6607.4046.886 - 7.92251.8348.202 - 55.458
0.8880.843 - 0.93210.65610.123 - 11.18953.2850.616 - 55.944
416353121.5791.500 - 1.65818.94818.000 - 19.89556.8453.998 - 59.682
2.4672.393 - 2.54129.60428.716 - 31.67659.2157.434 - 60.986
625122123.8553.739 - 3.97146.2644.872 - 47.64846.2644.872 - 47.649
6.3166.127 - 6.50675.79273.518 - 78.06675.7973.516 - 78.064

Physical and mechanical properties PHYSICAL & MECHANICAL (MIN) of Fe- 500 TMT bars as per IS- 1786 – 2008

Physical And Mechanical Properties As Per Is – 1786 – 2008Physical And Mechanical Properties As Per Is – 1786 – 2008
Physical & Mechanical (Min)
0.2% P.S. (or Y.S) N/mm2 or MPA500
Tensile Strength N/mm2 or MPA545
Total Elongation % min12
Chemical (Max %)
Bend TestNo transverse crack should form after bending through 180° around a mandrel of dia specified below.
Bars upto and including 20 mm, dia4d
Bars over 20 mm, dia5d
Rebend TestNo transverse crack should form after bending through 45° and reverse bending the same through 22.5° around the mandrel dia
Bars upto and including 10 mm, dia5d
bars over 10 mm, dia7d

High standards of Inward Quality Control: The end product is only as good as the Billets used. We use Billets manufactured by us or sourced from leading manufacturers and subjected to highest standards of control.

Proper Controls is carried out on the entire TMT manufacturing process with testing at various stages of a globally proven advanced technology We follow a strict No Compromise Policy.

We are an approved manufacturer of Fe-500 grade TMT Bars by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) under license No. CM/L – 6974196 to IS 1786-2008

Our Quality Management System has also been certified by Transpacific Certifications Limited and complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 under certificate no 12097

  • Adarsh Group
  • Ajmera Housing Corporation
  • Bagmane Construction (P) Ltd
  • Bharatiya City Developers
  • Brigade Group
  • Cicon Engineers (P) Ltd
  • G.Corp Ltd
  • Godrej Properties Ltd
  • Golden Gate Properties Ltd
  • Hiranandani Upscale
  • I Gate Global Solutions Ltd
  • Infosys Technologies Ltd
  • IVRCL Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
  • JSW Steel Ltd (Bellary)
  • L & T Ltd
  • Mantri Group
  • Prestige Group
  • Puravankara Projects Ltd
  • RMZ Group
  • Shriram Properties
  • SNN Developers

Some of the Iconic Buildings using our TMT Bars