Vishwakarma Refractories Pvt Ltd

We have great pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Refractories in South India. Our modern plant having ISO 9001-2008 accreditation is located at Kolar, in Karnataka state on Bangalore – Tirupathi National Highway. It commenced its manufacturing activity in the year 1991.

Refractory means a material which withstands high temperature. It is used as a lining material in the furnaces where high temperature processing is done. Thus Refractories find application in core sector industries like Iron & Steel, Cement, Chemical, Power Generation, Ceramic, Non Ferrous and etc.

As Refractories are used in variety of industries, there are various types Refractories meeting a wide range of operational parameters. There are various types of classification of Refractories like Chemical Compatibility, Type of Raw Material / Major constituent, Function, Form of Delivery / Application etc.

  • Complete range of Fire Clay & High Alumina Refractories – up to 90 % Alumina.
  • Special High Alumina Phosphate bonded bricks for critical zones of Cement Rotary Kiln
  • Alkali Resistant Castables & SiC based Castables for Cement industry.
  • Special Refractories like Mullite, Kyanite, and Sillimanite & Andalusite Refractories for application in Coke Oven, Blast Furnace, Glass Tank Furnaces & Ceramic Kilns.
  • Phosphate bonded High Alumina Refractories for application in Reheating Furnace hearth.
  • Resin bonded Magnesia Carbon and Alumina Magnesia Carbon bricks
  • Fired & Chemically Bonded Magnesite, Mag-Chrome and Chrome-Mag bricks
  • Olivine Magnesite enriched Olivine Refractory Bricks & Monolithics.
  • Zircon Nozzles, Sic tiles & Tundish liners for steel plants
  • Low Cement and Conventional Castables up to 95% Alumina
  • High Alumina and Basic Ramming Mass Gunning Mass and Mortars
  • Magnesite Chrome based Induction Furnace Ramming Mass.
  • Blast Furnace Runner Castable.
  • Pre cast Pre fired shapes
  • Tundish Liners & Jointing Materials
  • Exothermic Sleeves for Foundry Application.
  • The total factory area is 19,501 sq.m and the built up are is 5,512 sq. m
  • Rotary Kiln for calcination of Raw Materials & manufacturing of synthetic Raw Materials
  • A modern Mill House consisting of Jaw Crushers Impact Mills, Roller Crusher, Pulveriser, Ball Mill & Ring Roller Mill for size reduction of various Raw Materials.
  • Batching System consisting of weighing cars & Intensive Mixers for preparation of Refractory Mixtures.
  • Press Section consisting of 150 & 400 Ton Presses for forming of Bricks to required shapes.
  • Super Refractories Division for forming of Special Quality Refractory shapes and Precast Pre-fired Blocks.
  • Vacuum Table, Hot Air Generator & Drier for manufacturing of Tundish Boards.
  • Producer Gas Plant & Ring Chamber Continuous Kiln for firing of Bricks
  • Top Hat Kiln for high temperature firing of Super Refractories
  • Batch Weighing Car & Conical Mixers for the manufacturing of Monolithic Products.

VRPL is having a fully equipped testing laboratory which has various apparatuses for the determination of Physical, Chemical, Thermal & Thermo Mechanical properties of Raw Materials, In Process Materials & Finished Products.

VRPL also developed various synthetic Raw Materials based on Indigenous Raw Materials with the help of Rotary Kiln.

VRPL has a dedicated team for Total Refractory Management in Steel Ladles and Hot Metal Ladles and has consistently exceeded benchmark levels in performance. VRPL with its association with Sino Refractories P R China is in a position to take up Tundish Management in large & medium Steel Plants.