Bhuwalka Steel Industries Ltd

Bhuwalka Steel Industries- BSI- was launched in 1998 to manufacture a range of the finest quality of steel products for the Sri Lankan market. Being a company approved by the Board of Investments of Sri Lanka (BOI), it has enabled BSI to commit to a competitive price policy.

The commitment to excellence in manufacturing standards, quality control, product range and readily available stocks has made BSI an integral & dependable source for the accelerated development projects of Sri Lanka.

Confab Steel Pvt Ltd

Confab Steel was established in 2004 in order to provide the Sri Lankan market with a wide range of rolled steel products. The introduction of high strength “CN” steel has revolutionized the world of reinforced concrete design. The plant is fully automated and well equipped with hi-tech instruments with German technology from Thermex.

Confab steel –CN- started commercial production in 2005 and has successfully established supremacy in the Sri Lankan market, becoming the largest manufacturer of TMT bars on the island.

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