Bhuwalka Castings Pvt Ltd

Bhuwalka Forging and Casting Ltd. set up in 2006 is a unit of the Bhuwalka Premier Group of Companies. An upcoming foundry in the forging and casting industry of the country, the Company has a strong hold over the south Indian and Sri Lankan market. The Company caters to domestic as well as overseas customers and specialises in a wide variety of Cast Irons, Alloy Irons, S.G. Irons, Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels and duplex Alloys and Non-ferrous Copper-based alloys created to meet national and international specification and standards.

Bhuwalka Casting and Forging Ltd. located in Kolar, which is one and a half hour drive from Bangalore Karnataka, India was set up in the year 2006.The Company started its business with the support of basic facilities, knowledge of the castings’ market potential and a considerable understanding of customer requirements.

In 2010, the Company installed a full-fledged sand reclamation system with continuous mixers and dual track induction melting furnaces with all supporting infrastructure and expanded its operation to manufacturing castings with an installed production capacity of 18,000 tons p.a.

In 2011, the Company began producing a wide range of castings that include Cast Iron, SG Iron and steel castings in various grades and reached production level of 5000 tons p.a

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