Most modern Mill House with automated grinding and grading systems Counter Current intensive mixers, Mullers mixers & Castable Mixers for Homogeneous mixing of ingredients as per recipe PLC controlled high pressure presses for moulding and shaping Maxibrators with high vibrating frequency for special shape moulding Vibro casting tables for Castable moulding Specialised equipments for manufacture of Tundish insulating boards & Accessories

Sl NoEquipmentMaximum Temperature Range [oc]Firing Capacity [mt / Annum]
1Ring Chamber Klin150020000
2Top Hat Kiln1650150
4Tempering Oven For Resin/
Chemical Bonded Bricks
5Tempering Tunnel Kiln
For Tundish Boards
6Rotary Kiln For
Raw Material Calcination

Chemical Analysis For All Major Refractories

Physical Testings For Determination Of :

  • Apparent Porosity [ap]
  • Bulk Density [bd]
  • Cold Crushing Strength [ccs]
  • Cold Modulus Of Rupture [cmor]

Thermal Testings For Determination Of :

  • Permanent Linear Change [plc]
  • Refractories Under Load [rul]
  • Pyrometric Cone Equivalent [pce]
  • Hot Modulus Of Ruptune [hmor]

For Bricks :

  • Loose Straw Packing
  • Straw Bundling
  • Corrugated Box Packing (Ordinary & Spl.)
  • Pallet Packing

For Cabtables :

  • Polythene Bags With Liners